Friday, September 1, 2017

1 September already???

Happy Labor Day weekend to all of you.

A few items today:

1.  Great job on keeping up with memory!
2.  Your kids have really gotten into the swing of things - I don't hear "I've forgotten " very often at all.  In fact, your kids are doing great.
3.  Keep encouraging them to look at classroom and educate to make sure they are staying on top of their work.

Taste of Middle School!

Tuesday, 5 September is ToMS.  It's a fun-filled, exciting, evening of hurrying to class (and navigating the halls with the other parents) and seeing what your student enjoys on a daily basis.  Your student will be bringing home their schedule today for you.  Bring it with you on Tuesday night so you can follow along with your student's day.

I'm enjoying our time together this year.  Thank you for sharing your students with us and with me.   I love our conversations about faith and everything else that pops into a sixth grader's mind.

See you Tuesday night!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

T-minus 4 days

Is it really starting Wednesday?

Yes.  Yes, it is.

I'm sure, parents, you're just as ready to send those kids back to school than, well, the kids are for Labor Day weekend.  To that end, a few items.

1.  Charger night is Monday.  I expect to see you all there - stop in the science room (102) for your locker assignment, planner, discipleship book.  I also have your lockers from last year, and Ms. Goebel - I have a lock for you!
2.  Most of you still need to sign digitally the AUP/insurance form that Mrs. Reck-meyer sent out.  A paper copy is not acceptable this year.  I will have a computer in my room Monday night for you to do that, if you still haven't.
3.  I should also have your yearbooks.

Remember to make sure all those supplies are gotten, the backpack is ready, and that your kids are getting good night sleep!

Happy Saturday to all of you.


Monday, July 31, 2017

Two and a half weeks!

Good Monday morning to you.   In 16 days, we will be back at it for another school year, with all the excitement of newness!

A few items for you today.

1.  If you haven't yet signed your acceptable use policy, please do so.   You may return them to me at charger night (14 August), or the first day of school.
2.  Electives are coming!  The goal is tomorrow.   When you get the email, talk about your ur choices and return quickly to Mr Hartmann so you have a better chance of getting what you'd like.
3.  I'm on twitter - @cclsjhieber - there are many pictures that make it to Twitter during the day from science, so check and see.

Have a great week.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

2017 Home Visits and other sundry items

Welcome 6th grade parents to my blog!!
I am glad you're here.

What to expect for a home visit?
Spending time getting to know you as parent, seeing your student in a comfortable, home environment, and just being able to talk about the changes coming for your 6th grader.
I usually plan for about 40 minutes per visit.  These are some of the best times that you as parent, me as teacher, and your student can make a plan for success in 6th grade.
We'll look over the schedule, figure out what an A/B schedule is, look at the expectations that I have of your student in my classroom, and just talk.  Most likely you've already done a home visit before at CCLS.  This is your last year - no visits after 6th grade.

If you're on twitter, please follow me - cclsjhieber
I'm also on instagram - joel_hieber
e-mail is an excellent way to reach me, too -

I'll see you soon!

Friday, May 15, 2015

MoVal day 2

Camp MoVal, Day two

An early morning today - meeting a number of boys for fishing, watching the rain comedown (hard at times), and seeing a hummingbird and a pileated woodpecker.   There were some hungry kids, as they kept trying to come into the dining hall from 7am on.  We eat at 8.  
Breakfast was pancakes, sausage, cereal, fruit and juice.  Mr. Clausen did a devotion for us, and then it's off to our morning rotation of archery, challenge course, hiking in the mud and dissecting owl pellets.  The owl group this morning was entertained by Megan's continual sound track to our morning.  Highly amusing!  
The rain held off for most of the morning.  Sprinkled pretty hard about 11 am, but didn't deter the stickball game that was started.  Mr. Clausen and Mr. Butterfield pitched, and Mr. Simokaitis was catcher, but the kids were somewhat slow to grasp the concept of stickball.  
Thursday afternoon, attentive reader, was probably the most beautiful of the days here.  No rain, sunshine, a gentle breeze.  All was well.  We had more rotational time, free time, capture the flag.  Dinner was tacos and then boating and hayride.  
It's currently time for skit time, and a large group of boys isn't ready to go, so we'll see how well they do.  We'll have s'mores after this, so we have something tasty to look forward to.  

Thursday, May 14, 2015

MoVal, Day one 2015

Camp MoVal, Day one.

We left CCLS at 9:30 under good spirits, a packed bus, and chaperones in their cars.   Super Dave (tm), our bus driver, took us at speeds approaching 60mph on Interstate 44 due west to Union Missouri.  We left the interstate, and according to Lawton - we must be away from civilization because we're on a two lane road.
The boys and girls had a sing-off in the bus.  The boys were trying to drown out the Taylor Swift songs the girls were singing, and the girls sang louder.  It was the loudest bus ride I've had.

We arrived at MoVal (entirely too slowly according to Olivia), unpacked, found our cabin groups, and then had lunch.  Pizza and salad!  Ice cream for dessert.  
Our first rotation - archery, challenge course, nature hike (run) and owl pellet dissection.  That was fun!  I can only speak for my kids in the owl pellets, but there was much enjoyment.  I'm sorry in advance for all the parents who will be seeing the fruits of our labors.  
Free time, fishing, basketball, baseball - we did it all.  And there was chasing, screaming, and general mayhem.  Much like any day with the 6th grade class.
Dinner was chicken parmesan, pasta, salads, fruit and cupcakes.  Not sure on the flavor of cupcake - supposed to be chocolate, but turned out to look more like carrot.  Hayride for half the kids, boating for the other half.  There were sinking paddleboats, kayaks with drainage holes that allowed in as much water as they let out (just ask Macy or Kalob or Christian).  Still more fishing.  Only caught two today.
Wet and wild olympics, campfire and then lights out.  Ask your kids about the trip to campfire.  They might have been frightened.  Some rather successfully.  

Thursday is promising!  So much to do today, and all of it in God's wonderful creation.  
Until later, dear readers!

Monday, April 20, 2015

8th grade and Electricity

So today was static electricity and our van der Graaf(f) day.

Here are some shots.